Gttec Teflon Brake Hoses

Gttec Teflon Brake Hoses Aeroquip “PTFE”


It is a modular system of brake hoses. Gttec teflon brake hoses consists of swagged brake hoses with universal end-fittings. The length increases by 5 cm. There are hoses from 15cm to 65cm. Bigger lengths are available for bikes.  On the end-fittings are mounted the fittings to transform the hose ready to fit on any application.
We also produce all kinds of fittings found on all modern cars.

    • Female: straight wall concave, convex clip, concave clip.
    • Male: short, long, long BMW.
    • Banjo: 10mm 0°, 10mm 20º, 12mm 20º.
    • Holding clips.



1.High performance brake hoses.

2.Certified heavy-duty pipe (1mm thick) single stainless steel lining.

3. Protection of “rotary” wear of the pipe (whip resistant).

4. Externally protected pipes (transparent pvc spiral).

5.Each pipe is tested at more than 5000psi. (3,500 tons per square meter!)

6.Chrome-plated edges for protection against oxidation. 7. Maximum operating pressure 5076psi 350bar.

8. Pipe explosion pressure 15228psi.

9.PTFE Teflon is the ideal material for high brake hoses because it can operate in a very wide range of temperatures, from -150 ° C to + 260 ° C .This is the widest range of temperatures that any material can withstand brake hose.

Gttec teflon brake hoses are produced in all dimensions from 15 to 65 cm
with increments of 5 cm. The values ​given for the pressures are measured at normal temperature conditions.
All kinds of nozzles are in our production, to cover
all modern cars. The tubes are produced with the aim of protecting them as much as possible from the rotational movements to which they are subjected (whip protection) and have the effect of rubbing the protective steel mesh with the fixed metal cup that tightens the mesh to the nozzle.

 Our engineers place a special cover that covers the cup and the grid, holding the two firmly without allowing them to move relative to each other and therefore do not rub, due to the fact that glue is inserted between these two objects. We surround the pipe externally with spiral PVC material for additional protection from road dirt and injuries to the pipe.

 It is recommended to install front and rear at the same time all the pipes of the car. They offer immediacy in the feeling and absolute control in the pressure that is applied to the pedal and that reaches up to the calipers. This way we can completely control the blocking of the wheels, and the start of the slip that is not controlled.

Hose Construction

Gttec teflon brake hose tetsingCertified hose with Teflon brake hose wall and stainless steel mesh protection.

  • Whip protection on all hoses (both ends).
  • Fitting rust protection (chromed fittings).
  • Tested one by one in 5000psi.
  • Pvc hose protection.
  • Labelled in length.
  • Dual internal fitting seal. (Conical coupling and O-ring seal).




Case 28 Gttec Teflon brake hoses

A case that contains 28 hoses (with all lengths) and 56 fittings (of all kinds), is available for garages and professionals.
With this case, the garage is fully equipped with all items needed to replace the plastic standard brake hoses with all modern cars.




Gttec teflon brake hoses are made from this hose.

BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Hose manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001: Quality

Management Systems independently assessed and registered by The British

Standards Institution (BSI).

EN 16643:2016

Hose meets the requirements of EN 16643 (SE), which include the electrical and

electrostatic requirements of hose assemblies.

IATF 16949:2016

Manufactures PTFE flexible hose for the automotive industry in

accordance with IATF16949 and is assessed and certified by The British Standards

Institution (BSI).

ISO 14001:2015

Manufacturer assessed to the requirements of ISO 14001, by

the British Standards Institution (BSI). By gaining this accreditation Aflex Hose Ltd are

demonstrating our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

ISO 45001:2018

Manufacturer have been successfully assessed to the requirements of ISO 45001, by

the British Standards Institution (BSI). By gaining this accreditation manufacturers

are demonstrating our commitment to the health and safety of our employees by

consistently identifying and controlling risks to health and safety, reducing the potential

for accidents, complying to relevant legislation and improving overall awareness

throughout the business.

AS 9100D

Manufacturer products for the Aerospace Sector are all manufactured in accordance with

AS9100D Quality Management Systems and independently assessed and registered by

The British Standards Institution (BSI).


The Materials used to manufacture the natural PTFE Tube liner conforms to FDA 21

CFR 177.1550, and the antistatic PTFE liner conforms to FDA 21 CFR 178.3297.

Automotive Fuel Hose – SAE J1737

Approved for automotive fuel hose use in accordance with SAE J1737.

CE Marking (Europe only)

Manufacturer has been assessed by The British Standards Institution (BSI) and found to

comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU Conformity Assessment

Module D1, approved to CE Mark applicable hose products, accompanied by a

Hose Usage Data Sheet, and a Declaration of Conformity.

Material Certification to EN10204

Available for all the hose or hose assembly components.

Certificates of Conformity to BS EN ISO/IEC 17050

Are available for all products.

SAE 100R14 Standard

The MW range meets or exceeds this standard.