Carbon-Carbon & Carbon-Ceramic brake rotors can be used for sports cars.
The rotors are made from 3D "needled" carbon preforms that are made from continuous
carbon fibers. From these preforms are made according to the procedure 
the Carbon-Carbon or the C/Sic Carbon-Ceramic rotors. 


carbon ceramic brake disc 1030x687 Porsche ceramic brake Lambogini ceramic brake 1 1030x687 rear

CMC also produces brake groups for air jets.
Boeing or Airbus
have a high demand for stopping force.
MA-60, A318,A319,A320,A330 Airbus and
Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft models are among which 
we can supply with Carbon-Carbon brake discs. 

carbon carbon aircraft brake pair 300x248 Carbon Carbon Process and airplane brakes