cadillac escalade big brake kit hellcat cadillac escalade III big brake kit hellcat

Cadillac Escalade III 2008 380×34 2pc discs with AKEBONO 6 piston HELLCAT caliper. Gttec power brake Teflon hoses. A reliable kit for anyone who wants his car faster and safer. You brake smooth and stop faster. Never tired and ready anytime you need it.Bespoke composite discs with aluminum bells and cross drilled rotors, aluminum brackets super reliable and tested each one brake hoses, made from the best literally teflon hose , compose a great kit for street pleasure.

cadillac escalade 380x34 6 piston kit Akebono CADILLAC ESCALADE HELLCAAT 6PISTON 380X34 AKEBONO

We thank “Kostas” for his trust in our experience to create this kit for him.