Gttec Ltd Wilwood Brembo National Alcon

Teflon brake hoses, Wilwood Brembo Alcon big brake kits, National Autoparts brake discs and clutch.

Established in 1992 in Greece, Thessaloniki, our company was the first of its kind to provide special auto parts to the Greek market. Supersprint, Sparco, National Autoparts, Jrfilters, Superhose, Wilwood, Brembo were a few of the companies we were trading with.
Since February 2013 we moved to Bulgaria and established the “Green Trading Technologies Ltd”. We continue to work with National Autoparts, Wilwood and we produce our brake hoses with the best quality materials.
 Our goal is to keep on providing the market with the best products. The brake hoses are PTFE Teflon with stainless steel mesh cover and our own production. Our knowledge and experience led us to create this high-quality product that can cover every need for extreme braking conditions as well as normal everyday use. Our passion drove us to the creation of the “secure connection” between the brake pedal and calliper.
 Owning an extensive database of all modern model drawings, we are able to produce any kind of “big brake kit” with all producer’s callipers and custom brake discs monoblock or 2piece ones. 
 Wilwood, Brembo, Alcon, AP Racing, are our main providers. Our own design kits offer a warranty for safety and smooth functionality.