Gttec Ltd

Gttec Ltd

Green Trading Technologies Ltd

Big Brake Kits

 Our mission is to provide our customers with the best solutions for their car. Braking and other parts are the items that we trade with and  our engineers look forward to create each time a masterpiece for our customers. Safety and smooth braking is the target.
                        Wilwood calipers

Gttec Ltd
Teflon Brake hoses

 Safety requires a state of the art set of brake hoses too. We cover all cars and motorbikes.
Teflon Brake Hoses Gttec
In house production from the best raw materials and with high sense of responsability we test all our production one by one at 4500 psi. Our hoses are protected against “wip strain” with special inserts that does not allow any contact between the hose braid and the metal part of the end fitting which is swaged to the hose.

Gttec Ltd
MJ Allen Automotive (NATIONAL)

 We also provide our clients with the best parts , such as clutch, brake discs, brake pads, hubs with bearings, drums, shoes and ohers from the MJ ALLEN AUTOMOTIVE. (NATIONAL AUTOPARTS).
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