Carbon/SiC Brakes

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Silicon Carbide ceramic rotors and Carbon/Carbon ones are in the product line
of LeMyth. Ceramic rotors are made of a combination of a carbon
"preform" given the shape of a rotor  and then "covered" with
"melted pure silicon". The combination is a miracle of the Contemporanea
metallurgy that is no harder only than "diamond". Apart from that is very
light and temperature resistant.It can support temperatures higher than 1000oC.

Thus it is the perfect material for brake components.

Among the companies that produce this product, there are several techniques
that make the final product different than the others. Chopped carbon fibers are used to
create the preforms. It is carbon fibers cut into short strands and mixed with a resin.
Instead of that, we use continuous fiber material made from several
layers of PAN (Poly-Acrylic Nitrile) cloth which is a carbon-fibre precursor.
These cloths are laid over each other and needled together to create the rotor structure.
This construction benefits from the chopped fibers one from higher
strength and triple higher thermal conductivity.

carbon fiber 3d inter weaving preform square


Rotor detail. It is evident the 3D interweaving construction of the preform.
Several layers of continuous-fibre cloth needled together. 


carbon fiber chopped 500x500


Chopped carbon fiber.